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Speaking of Home–Minneapolis (2008)

Media for Speaking of Home–Minneapolis (2008)

Why do we need public art? | Nancy Ann Coyne | TEDxBratislava


Skyway Bridge 18

Meena Mangalvedhekar (rendering)


Skyway Bridge 21

Meena Mangalvedhekar (rendering)

Kirsten Larsen from Copenhagen, Denmark being interviewed March 24, 2012 by artist Nancy Ann Coyne

Photo: Jack Becker


Nancy Ann Coyne at DesignTex proofing photograph printing process.

Photo: Courtesy DesignTex, Maine


Nancy Ann Coyne


Photo: Adrian Danciu


Elsa Wordofa Mekuria (left), born in Addis Ababa in 1982; emigrated to Minnesota in 2003 to live her dream. "This photograph I made to leave with my family, before I left Ethiopia. When I see it, I get goose bumps."


Lobsang Dorjee, born at the Indian-Tibetan border in 1975; emigrated to Minnesota in 2003 to join the Tibetan community (the second largest in the US). "This photograph, I saved, to show my future children that I was once a monk."


Mai Chue Vang (holding baby), born in Victic, Laos in 1964; resettled in Minnesota in 1988 as a Hmong political refugee from Laos. "I had this photograph taken to memorialize our survival once we arrived at the refugee camp."


Gustavo Lira, born in Mexico City in 1964; emigrated to Minnesota to be reunited with American wife in 1995. "When I see this photograph, the idea of home makes me think about what I left behind – in Mexico."



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About the Artist

Nancy Ann Coyne is a designer, photographer and public artist. Her current work involves creating large-scale public artworks that expand the narrative qualities of documentary photography in the built environment. Coyne utilizes publicly accessible architecture and natural light to create performative, interactive environments that redefine the public realm, providing experiences that heighten consciousness of shared spaces and community, engaging audience members as participants. A former Fulbright scholar and fellow at Oxford University, her work has been exhibited internationally. Her projects have received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Minnesota State Arts Board and the McKnight Foundation, among others. In 2009, her landmark project Speaking of Home (2008) was awarded Americans for the Arts' Public Art Network Year in Review Award, the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's Merit Award and the Industrial Fabric Association International Award of Excellence. Her work has been published in the International Herald Tribune, New York Times.com, Public Art Review, Urban Land, Sculpture, SEGDdesign and Afterimage. Ms.Coyne is currently an associate of the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota. She is an AIGA and SEGD member, and graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria.

Nancy Ann Coyne

Artist and designer Nancy Ann Coyne (2012)
Photo: Adrian Danciu